Elevated Pressure Washing is a professional pressure washing company that specializes in hot water pressure washing.

Which is better…a hot water or a cold water pressure washer?

A hot water pressure washer is needed if the surfaces you are cleaning have grease or oil residue. Cold water pressure washers are ideal for removing dirt. If the surface to be cleaned has oil or grease then a cold water pressure washer won’t do the job. It’s like washing a greasy plate in the sink. No matter how much soap you use, you’re just smearing around the grease. Add hot water, and it cuts through the grease and oil quickly. The exact same thing happens in a pressure washer application. If oil or grease is present in any form, then you will need a hot water pressure washer. The fact is, almost everything comes cleaner when using hot water.

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Elevated Pressure Washing is a new division of Reflective Window Cleaning Inc. Bryan Raymond specializes in pressure washing using hot water.
Our new hot water system allows us to tackle the hardest pressure washing jobs. We specialize in under ground parkades and treating oil stains.
Elevated Pressure Washing
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